Following Jesus' Example of Discipleship:

Jesus did not make disciples
by bringing them in
and focusing on all their problems,
bad choices and sins.

He told them to follow Him
as He went about His father's business.

They began a new life
as He discipled them, taught them,
held them accountable
and put them to work serving others.

He engaged them.

They experienced what it was like
to live out the principles He was teaching
while receiving His encouragement, guidance
and hands-on assistance.

Their lives naturally changed
as they began to die to their old,
destructive ways
and to live for Jesus...
becoming rooted in this new way of life.


What is Restoration 31?

Restoration 31 is based upon
Biblical restoration. 
It is for women who have taken
a wrong path 
and have taken steps to make
a u turn in their lives
and invest whatever it takes to become a

Proverbs 31 

Our country, our communities, our families, and sadly even many of our churches have strayed far from the application of true Biblical principles.
It is our desire at Restoration31 to be a part of the solution by encouraging and facilitating necessary changes that lead to a re-embracing of these principles in every day life.
Rather than micro planning exactly how Restoration31 will contribute to this solution, we are careful not to over define our ministry and purposely remain open to the opportunities God provides.
This leads us to many unique and humbling opportunities involving the restoration and connection of teens, young adults, whole family units and neighborhoods.